Auto Loan Philippines Services

We offer:

  • 1998 Models up to present accepted as collateral
  • Financing assistance for purchase of brand new or second hand vehicles
  • Own Car Refinancing (Need Cash? Why sell your car when you can have it refinanced?)
  • Financing Assistance on the purchase of reconditioned and brand new trucks/buses
  • As low as .50% PER MONTH interest

Interest Rate Matrix

Year Model Term Add - On
2011 - 2015 (30% Downpayment) 12 13.02%
24 27.80%
36 36.82%
48 46.91%
2007 - 2010 (40% Downpayment) 12 14.00%
24 31.00%
36 42.76%
2004 - 2006 (40% - 50% Downpayment) 12 15.50%
24 35.25%
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Honda Civic
After a period of developing idiosyncratic automobiles such as the Honda 1300 that met a lukewarm response in both Japan and North America, Honda considered pulling out of automobile manufacturing altogether by the early 1970s. However, Honda released a more conventional automobile in 1972 called the Civic which immediately reversed their flagging fortunes due to its economy, reliability and low cost in an era of rising fuel prices. Honda's CVCC technology, helped Honda meet emission standards of the 1970s and early 1980s without an expensive catalytic converter that kept costs down.
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The 3.2 liter DOHC diesel engine provides superior torque, especially at low and mid rev range. The new Common Rail Injection System electronically controls fuel intake to deliver precisely the right amount to each cylinder, while the direct injection system enables far more efficient combustion for better fuel efficiency and reduced emissions.